Are you working on a video project and looking for a way to burn your video project on a DVD’s without having the hassle of doing one disc at a time. We can help! Just bring us your file and we will burn your file on to the DVD for you. We can also print a professional label on the DVD along with creating a label for your case if a case is needed for your project. So, if you have a video project, whether you are a business that need 100 copies or a individual with a family project that need 5 copies, we can help you create professional DVD that you can be proud to put your video project on. 
-DVD/CD Copies
    Includes image burnt on DVD/CD with printed label and Case with printed label. 

-DVD/CD Copies
     Includes Image burnt on DVD/CD with printed label.  No case included in price.

-DVD/CD Printing only
     Includes your label printed on a DVD/CD

-DVD/CD Image Buning only
     Includes video files burnt on DVD/CD.
$10.00 per copy.

$5.00 per Copy

$3.00 per Label

$2.00 per burn
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